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Wellness Retreats

Our passion is to create nature-embraced experiences for you to breathe, enjoy, decompress, rejuvenate, unwind, recharge and treat your mind/body/spirit to some well deserved pampering.


Reclaim your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Set in the heart of the Northwoods, our retreats promote a reconnection with the grandeur of your spirit and an opportunity to enhance your soul's journey at a cost you simply cannot resist!

Understanding the importance of balance, rest, decompression, and self-care, we connected with a handful of well-known practitioners from across the Midwest to bring you multiple opportunities to fully rejuvenate throughout the year, in a breathtaking atmosphere.


Upcoming Wellness Retreat September 12- 15th, 2024

Event by State of Grace Well-Being and Birch Trail Resort

Birch Trail Resort


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If your body is craving some nourishment; think of it like a desire for a “reset” a delightful inhale and exhale of the mind and body. You know, those breaths that bring you back to the present moment. Bringing you back home to yourself.

Another favorite area that nourishes my soul is the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We have had a cottage up this way for years and there is something about getting away to the Northwoods that is healing & nourishing. Maybe it's taking in the lake or the camp fires. I would love it for you to come experience as well!

*Women's Retreat*
*ONLY 10 Spots Available, Book Soon*

I believe now more than ever, it is so important to do the the things that feel good to us. To make sure we are taking the time to listen to our bodies as to what those good feeling things are. Doing activities that help ground ourselves, bring peace to our hearts and minds, and allow for space rather than push or force.

Sept. 12-15,2024

This weekend, will allow for the space for you to Be, to go inwards and listen, to come as you are. Giving space for what needs to go to go, and what would like to stay to stay. What is desiring to yet be created, be created. Filling your cup with guided nourishing sessions for your soul via restorative/gentle yoga + neurosculpting® meditation + soundbath + self inquiry + nature/trail walks + personal time.


*Secure your spot with Theresa  via the ticket link, to book your Cabin -  call Birch Trail Resort and speak with Dawn, cabin accomodations starting at $80 per night plus tax.  See Theresa Falvey-Hunt Website as well for addtional details.

We begin Thursday evening 7:00pm and complete our time together by Sunday 12:00pm.

What amazing amenities await our group at the Birch Trail Resort:
*Beautiful Furnished Cabins
*Fire Pits
*Canoe/Paddle Boats
*Pontoon Boat Rental
*Sandy Beach

*A beautiful lake right outside the cabins
*Fat Bikes to Ride
*Bring your Kayak
*Hiking Trails Near by

Upcoming programs will offer a mix of traditional Ayurveda practices for self care, empath yoga, Pilates, life coaching, relaxing meditation techniques, reflective painting to heal your life, inspirational mantras, intuitive art, guided hikes, affirming life coaching and so much more. 

Your experience will include accommodations in cozy, well-appointed, lake-front cabins; a rustic workshop with full length windows in an ideal wooded setting for outdoor yoga, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and evening bon fires.


Sign up to be the first to know when our retreat dates go live by emailing your name and phone number to

Workshop space will be limited. Email today to express your interest. Pricing, dates and a schedule of events to follow. Retreats typically run from 12pm Thursday thru 1pm Sunday. Retreats include all accommodations, classes and resort amenities.


Looking forward to bringing light and love to your well being.

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