Wellness Retreats

Our passion is to create nature-embraced experiences for you to breathe, enjoy, decompress, rejuvenate, unwind, recharge and treat your mind/body/spirit to some well deserved pampering.


Reclaim your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Set in the heart of the Northwoods, our retreats promote a reconnection with the grandeur of your spirit and an opportunity to enhance your soul's journey at a cost you simply cannot resist!

Understanding the importance of balance, rest, decompression, and self-care, we connected with a handful of well-known practitioners from across the Midwest to bring you multiple opportunities to fully rejuvenate throughout the year, in a breathtaking atmosphere.


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Upcoming Wellness Retreat November 2022

Click image to view retreat flyer, schedule of events, presenter information and registration form. 

Upcoming programs will offer a mix of traditional Ayurveda practices for self care, empath yoga, Pilates, life coaching, relaxing meditation techniques, reflective painting to heal your life, inspirational mantras, intuitive art, guided hikes, affirming life coaching and so much more. 

Your experience will include accommodations in cozy, well-appointed, lake-front cabins; a rustic workshop with full length windows in an ideal wooded setting for outdoor yoga, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and evening bon fires.


Sign up to be the first to know when our retreat dates go live by emailing your name and phone number to Dawn@birchtrailresort.com.

Workshop space will be limited. Email today to express your interest. Pricing, dates and a schedule of events to follow. Retreats typically run from 12pm Thursday thru 1pm Sunday. Retreats include all accommodations, classes and resort amenities.


Looking forward to bringing light and love to your well being.

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