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Amber Lake - Top Rated Musky Fishing

The muskellunge fish, commonly known as "the musky", is the Wisconsin State Fish, and for good reason. There have been more world record Musky fish in Wisconsin than any other state. (source) This of course, leads many fishermen to scour the lands of northern Wisconsin for the perfect "musky lake". Amber lake, just happens to be one.

According to Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources, waters that contain Musky are categorized into 3 classes with Class A being the "premiere muskellunge water" and Class C being the least. (source)

Amber Lake falls under Class A status, further described as, "best known for providing the most consistent angling action." The WDNR goes on to say that Class A waterways "generally have the best overall numbers of muskellunge."(source)

Guests who fish on Amber Lake have remarked on their success at catching the big one - trophy-sized Musky fish they could be proud to showcase on film. See below.

muskellunge fishing northern wisconsin

One of the apparent reasons for the success of the Muskellunge fish in Amber Lake is the overall low amount of boat traffic. Some lakes are connected to many other lakes through rivers and tributaries connecting one with the other over many miles. Downtown Minocqua is actually connected to a large chain of lakes that extends from Lake Kawaguesaga to Lake Tomahawk, over 6 lakes in total.

Amber lake, on the other hand is a private lake, shared by few residents and cabin rentals. This creates the perfect atmosphere for the reproductive success of the Musky fish as well as the prime opportunity for baby Muskies to grow into large adult Muskies.

The Muskellunge

A member of the Pike or Esocidae family, the Muskellunge fish is elongated with a cylindrical body much like the Pike. It differs from the Pike in the pattern of scales it has on its gill covers and cheeks as well as in the shape of its tail fin and some markings.

Muskies prefer lakes with variances between deep and shallow, with lush broad-leafed vegetation covering the shallow waters. This makes the perfect feeding ground for them to hunt crappie, perch and different types of minnow, as well as duck or other small animals who generally live on the water.

duck on squaw lake wisconsin

Muskies are opportunistic hunters that will lurk in the shadows of plant beds or lay in waiting over open waters to snatch their unsuspecting prey off-guard. This specific hunting technique seems to be the reason for the common folktale that Muskies bite the toes of floating swimmers. (For the record, we have NEVER heard this to be assured... :) )

Another reason for the success of the Musky population in Amber Lake is its ideal setting for reproduction to occur. Spawning occurs in spring when the lake water has reached around 55 degrees F. The male and female Musky swim side-by-side spreading and fanning their egg and sperm onto shallow waters. Due to many external influences, only a few muskies make it past hatching, growing into adulthood.

Amber Lake is just shy of 800 acres of clear, quickly warming lake with fantastic deep areas as well as vast shallow areas rich in vegetation. Our lake is not as active as other lakes, making it a prime location for Muskies to reproduce successfully and grow to full maturity. It truly is the ideal vacation spot for a day on the boat, just you, your lure and the esteemed Musky.

musky fishing northern wisconsin guy in boat

If you're ready to try your hand at catching a Musky on Amber Lake, call us at 715-588-1962 to check cabin availability now! Amber Lake has been enjoyed by many fishermen over the years who come to wrangle in their soon-to-be legendary catch in northern Wisconsin. Not all will have the patience and determination to get the big one, but for those who do, the excitement and thrill will be epic!

Will it be you?!


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