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Spending the Holidays with Family Up North

The holidays are coming and before you know it, we'll all be scurrying about trying to prepare our homes for the influx of guests.

With meals to cook, sleeping arrangements to plan for, house cleaning to handle, and last minute DIY projects to get the house ready for company, who really gets time to sit back, relax and enjoy their family fully during the holidays?

Thanksgiving table with food at Birch Trail Resort

This year, try something new! Come to Birch Trail Resort with your entire family and enjoy exclusive access to 4 cabins and the lodge's community/party room with the option to secure catering right here at the resort!.

This Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or any time over the winter that you'd like to bring the family together to celebrate, reserve all 4 available cabins at Birch Trail Resort and experience what a truly relaxing holiday with the family is up north.

Enjoy food catered right here at the resort, plenty of beds to sleep everyone comfortably (without having to pull out the air mattresses), and finally get to live in the moment while making memories for the holidays.



Birch Trail Resort offers 4 cabins over the winter that are perfectly situated on Amber Lake. These cabins are immaculately clean and extremely comfortable! With lots of natural light, modern amenities, and luxurious bedding, these lakeside cabins are the perfect location for the holidays or any family celebration! Cabins also include a kitchen with full-size appliances and all the utensils you need to host a family meal, plus plenty of cozy seating near the fireplaces.


Our lodge blends the grandness of a log cabin with the coziness of a home. Included in your 4 cabin rental is exclusive access to the lodge's large community/party room. This amazing space offers tons of seating, great lighting, a pool table, television, and more to help entertain. The lodge also comes with access to 8 foot tables and plenty of chairs for hosting your entire family under one roof!


The property boasts enough parking to accommodate all your travelers' vehicles - no more worrying about crowded street parking or jamming everyone into your driveway!

The Grounds

And lest we forget, the grounds are absolutely stunning as a backdrop in photos. Contact one of our professional photographers in the area to capture your entire family, all together at last, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Or, set up a tripod and snap a multigenerational family photo yourself!

family enjoying turkey at Birch Trail Resort

Celebrate the Holidays This Year at Birch Trail Resort

Create a new family tradition this year by celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or any family celebration at Birch Trail Resort. Call today for exclusive access to all 4 cabins plus the lodge's community room and catering! 715-588-1962.


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