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Minocqua - Open All Year, Just Like Us!

Some believe that because Minocqua, Wisconsin is literally thee best place to vacation in the summer, that we all must shut down for the winter to recoup. NOPE! As much fun as summer is, winter might be even more fun!

Almost all businesses, attractions and accommodations (like Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast) are open year-round to support the many winter sports enthusiasts, snowmobilers and ice fishermen who make the trek up north in the snow. Some even cater specifically to snowmobilers, offering "sled-up" eats and extra cozy temperatures to warm those chilly fingers after a day on the ice.

While we can say for sure that the ice cream shops and Paul Bunyan's are closed for the season (understandably so), what we can also say is that most of our local businesses will be open for business when you come stay with us this winter season.

Looking for unique Christmas gifts? What to commemorate your winter vacation with a Minocqua-proud t-shirt? Need some local, yummy fudge? Check out all these amazing businesses open year-round:

*Please note that some availability may change due to Covid restrictions or last minute changes. Please click each link to view their most recent availability or give them a call! They'd be happy to chat.

Year-Round Businesses

Gaslight Square Shoppes - Features 9 Boutique-Style Shops - Individual Shops May Be Closed

...and of course...

Tula's Cafe

Burger King



Save More Grocery






...and soooo many more!

Needless to say, Minocqua is open year-round, just like us! Ready to make the trek up north this winter? Stay at one of the finest resorts in town - Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast. Call 715-588-1962 for current winter specials.


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