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Ideal Setting for Writing Inspiration

Birch Trail Resort, located on the shores of Amber Lake, in Minocqua, Wisconsin, is the perfect, serene location for writing inspiration. Large windows allowing plenty of natural light, a quiet, peaceful environment and the sights and sounds of untouched nature stimulate the creative energy needed to let the words flow. Many artists have commented on the "muse" nature of our resort in rousing the imagination and inventiveness of their work.

In fact, we are proud to say that two books have been written inside our cabin walls by a sister duo that go by the pen name "Deborah Holly", a combination of both of their names, who long ago realized they share the same brain.

While both sisters currently live in Madison, they continue to enjoy retreating to their childhood vacation destination, Minocqua. The charming environment begs them to explore their imagination to develop characters and settings, inspired by their stay. As writers of a series called The Athelstane Mysteries, they've completed their last two books at Birch Trail Resort.

Book 6 - The Trouble With Reality

From their book, "Summer in the Northwoods of Wisconsin is usually a time for vacations and relaxation in an idyllic setting. However, the mayor’s wife Olivia has other plans. She convinced a new reality show to feature Athelstane in the first episode. Questionable talent, budding actresses and hopeful extras come out of the woodwork at every shoot.

Ernie reluctantly agrees to serve as the liaison between the show and the townspeople, and spends much of her time trying to maintain some degree of order and defuse petty squabbles. But there’s nothing petty about the murders that follow. As usual, Sheriff Howard is no help. So once again Ernie and Susie take on the investigation and find that reality can be fatal."

book cover image of writers who wrote book at Birch Trail Resort

Book 7 - Trouble in the Garden

From their book, "After the Mayor donates a plot of land for an Athelstane community garden, the ladies in town eagerly begin to plant their seeds. Unfortunately, one of the gardeners is found skewered in her plot and no one has any idea who would do such a thing. The murder is another mystery beyond the skill of Sheriff Dombrowski, and Ernie and Susie find themselves once again enlisted to find the killer."

Book seven in the series

We are proud to say we provided the comforts and accommodations for the development of these books and excited to see what the future brings for writers across many platforms. From blog writing and book writing to poetry and playwriting, Birch Trail Resort offers the ideal backdrop for imagination and inventiveness to run wild.

Escape to Birch Trail Resort and enjoy uninterrupted writing time to explore your talents! Be inspired by the views of wildlife roaming by your cabin window and the rhythmic waves of Amber Lake hitting the sandy beach as you tap away at your next masterpiece.

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