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Get Your Gear Ready for Winter Fun!

Planning a winter vacation in Minocqua, Wisconsin this year? Great! Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast is perfectly situated near one of Wisconsin's favorite winter sports parks with hundreds of miles of expertly groomed trails and slopes.

winter skis at Birch Trail Resort

Minocqua Winter Park offers winter sports enthusiasts a refreshing break from indoor life all winter long. Offering ice skating, downhill skiing and cross country skiing, snow tubing, fat tire biking, skiing with dogs and so much more. With all these wonderful opportunities for winter fun, we wanted to know how to best prepare our gear for the season. So, we asked the experts and this is what they had to say...

Fat Tire Bike Tune Up & Gear Additions

Our experts all agreed that taking your fat tire bike in for a quick tune up would make the transition from summer riding to winter riding that much smoother. However, they did mention that adding a few pieces of gear to your line up would make the biggest difference in your comfort level while riding in the snow.

fat tire bike at minocqua winter park
  • Adding a fender to cover both your bike tires is extremely helpful to prevent snow, slosh and the occasional patch of mud (depending on the level of frozen tundra we're experiencing at the time) from spraying on you and your bike.

  • A pair of goggles and warm face covering are a must to keep those cheeks toasty while riding.

  • Thick gloves to prevent frozen fingers (or maybe two or three pair...)

  • Bike lights - winter brings shorter days and longer nights which in our area can start at 4pm! Having a pair of bike lights is essential for getting around safely on and off the trails.

Proper Clothing

Breathable clothing that can be easily layered for comfort is a smart investment regardless of the winter sport you choose. When "playing" outdoors in the winter, it's important to regulate your body temperature wisely to maximize comfort all day long.

woman with winter gear on head

Start bundled up warm and as your internal heat builds up from the exercise, begin removing a layer at a time until you have found the right balance for you. Make sure your inner most layer has moisture-wicking abilities to get that sweat off your body quickly. In addition, consider every inch of your body. There no point in your head being warm if your boots don't keep your toes warm.

DIY Skis Maintenance

Preparing your skis for the winter ahead isn't as hard as it may sound, but it IS essential for ensuring a smooth, fast ride, especially if you left dirt or pits on them from last year.

To start, thoroughly clean the bottom of the skis. Scrape off all mud, debris and excess wax. Next, remove any rust or rough edges, especially from the ski edges, with a diamond stone, taking care not to over file. Then, brush off all dust with a lint-free rag to prep for wax. Place your skis face down on two work horses with cardboard covering the floor underneath to prevent wax drippings.

waxing winter skis for winter park fun

Hold the wax in one hand and the wax iron in the other, just above the bottom surface of the skis. Carefully, allow the heated wax to melt, dropping wax droplets all along the base. Once you have sufficiently coated the base, hold the wax iron just above the base and slowly pass over the entire base of the ski surface to heat the wax.

This should evenly spread the wax, with excess wax dripping over the sides. Continue to do this until you have a smooth, even coat. Let harden for 30 minutes without touching. That's it! Now your skis are ready for the slopes.

Launder Everything

Having freshly laundered coats, hats, scarfs, gloves and snow pants is important for extending the life of your winter gear as well as helping with the performance of them. Make sure you thoroughly check all pockets before tossing your gear into the washing machine however. There's nothing worse than finding a half-eaten granola bar in your jacket pocket AFTER you wash it.

guy in snow with winter gear on

Dirt and grime, oil and gum can also decrease your clothing's ability to moisture-wick and keep you sufficiently warm. Start this coming season with clean, fresh gear for maximum comfort.

While these tips aren't the only tips to get you ready for winter fun, they were the most recommended by the experts we interviewed. Once you get your gear ready, make sure you call 715-588-1962 to book your stay with us. With cozy, comfortable accommodations, Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to warm up after a day on the snow!

inside of birch trail lodge


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