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Flora and Fauna Near Birch Trail Resort

The Northwoods of Wisconsin attracts all types of guests for many reasons: the lakes, the forests, the recreation, the shopping, the incredible food and of course, the wildlife. While visiting Birch Trail Resort, located directly on Amber Lake in Minocqua, Wisconsin, guests can relax lakeside and watch the vast span of creatures going on about their day.

Set in a beautiful, plant-rich atmosphere, our resort lends itself to Insta-worthy photos and gorgeous, family gathering backdrops. So let's explore what flora and fauna you might capture in your next photo while staying at our resort...

White-Tailed Deer

No discussion of the Northwoods wildlife would be complete without mentioning these majestic little beings. White-tailed deer line the property with their cute white tails and smooth brown fur. If you rest long enough near the lakeshore, you're bound to experience a doe and her fawns perusing the grounds in search of an afternoon snack. Stay for a week and you might even start to identify which regularly returning deer call the immediate surroundings home.

baby deer fawn with white spots found near birch trail resort

Bald Eagles

A northwoods staple, these gentle-soaring beauties command a look up and pause as you marvel at their vast wingspan and distinct white-feathered heads. Most exciting is catching a glimpse of an eagle swooping to down to snatch its breakfast right out of the lake or seeing it perched atop a dead northern pine tree, seemingly watching you back! With a good zoom lens, your camera can capture its firm stature, making you a Facebook super star when you post your amazing find.

bald eagle flying above birch trail resort in minocqua wi

Birch Trees

Well, considering it's in our name and we're surrounded by them, we felt it most appropriate to mention the tall and slender Birch Trees found all over the Minocqua area. While they aren't the most abundant trees around, arguably the Northern Pines are, they certainly stand out from the crowd. With distinct black markings, white bark and sap that some locals make into syrup, these trees are a delight to be near. Plus, they make for a special resting post for the weary trail explorer.

woman pausing to rest on birch tree at birch trail resort

Turkey Vultures

One of the most unique and dare I say 'a-face-only-a-mom-could-love' creatures up north is the turkey vulture! I wouldn't have believed we had them if I didn't see one for myself. Perched atop a dead maple tree I found two turkey vultures resting from a flight. The cleaners of the road, turkey vultures feast on the inevitable, roadside animal victim, keeping the food chain well in tact! While they may not be your first choice for wedding photo features, they will certainly gain you some likes and wow emojis when you post a photo of them on social media!

turkey vulture found in minocqua northwoods

Yellow Water Lily

This intoxicatingly, aromatic, flowering plant is a staple when visiting the resort June thru September. Identified by it's characteristic floating lily pads (large flat green leaves above the water) and distinct yellow, blooming flowers that look just like the famous lotus flower. While on kayak (rentals available onsite), guests can enjoy an up-close experience seeing how their long stems reach from the mud of the lake beds high up to the water's surface. If you can lean over without tipping the boat, you can even take a whiff of it's amazing scent! But please don't pluck a flower, these beauties are considered a "special concern rare plant" and should be appreciated without disturbance. Close up photos will wow everyone!

yellow water lily found in squaw lake minocqua wi

Honorable Mentions - We encourage you to look them up!

Native Flora

Red Maple Tree

Sugar Maple Tree

Black Cherry Tree

Eastern Red Cedar Tree

Swamp White Oak

Quaking Aspen

Indigo Bush


Elderberry Shrub

Wolfberry Shrub

Wild Ginger Plant

Smooth Aster

Wild Geranium


Marsh Blazing Star

and so much more!!!!

Native Fauna

Snowshoe Hare

Common Loon

River Otter

Black Bears

Red Fox

Grey Fox

Painted Turtle

Blue-Spotted Salamander

Smallmouth Bass

Northern Pike



Gray Wolf

Swallowtail Butterflies

and so much more!!!!

If you're ever looking to rent a cabin in the majestic setting of Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast, stop by for a tour or give us a call. Special rates common for fall, winter and spring (when animal viewing is at it's best!). Artistic and wellness retreat specials also available regularly. Join our email list to be the first to know about upcoming programs and availability.



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