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Famous Artists from the Wisconsin Northwoods

Wisconsin is home to thousands of artists, musicians and authors, all worthy of recognition. For the sake of today's topic, however, we'd like to highlight the few who reside in the Northwoods in particular. With a rich wildlife scene, lush green forests and a vast span of lakes, the Northwoods practically begs to have its natural beauty honored via paint, fibers and mixed media.

If you are an artist, looking for inspiration, call Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast today at 715-588-1962 to reserve a cabin at the best resort for channeling your inner creative spirit!

Lisa Krueger of Oak View Studio

Specializing in watercolor, pastel, mixed media, alcohol ink and acrylic paint, Lisa creates original, nature-inspired creations at her studio in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Lisa uses a range of color hues from soft pastels to vivid bold colors that offer the eye a pleasing variety of contrast and dimension. Lisa is featured in the annual Northwoods Art Tour. Some of her work is shown here below.

artist collage of work

Dan Benecke of The Natural Edge

Dan Benecke, of St. Germain, WI describes what he does as far more than simple art. "My work is the result of the collaboration between the natural and repurposed materials I work with and the creativity they inspire within me. Back in 1995, I took a pile of sticks and created my first piece of furniture…a small, simple, rustic chair. Instantly I was hooked…a creation from something that, all my life, I had admired so much…nature transformed into an object I made. In 2005, my work grew beyond traditional rustic furniture when I began to incorporate one of my other interests, antique metal and other found objects, into my creations." (source)

artist collage of wood work

Jack and Christine Stayer of Sand Lake Trading Company

Jack and Christine combine stained & fused glass with fiber, copper foiling and soldering to create heirloom pieces of art, inspired by the Northwoods. Jack offers one-of-a-kind, fused-glass jewelry, glass votive candles, keepsake treasure boxes, decorative plates and more. Christine offers "functional art knitwear with attention to color and textural combinations". (source) Combined, the Stayers use "only the finest of yarns, natural feathers and fur, tinsels and personally crafted fused glass cabochons to design and enhance each knitwear piece we create." (source) As the Northwoods Art Tour is the only art tour/fair they do, guests are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to view how they do, what they do, while the tour is active.

artist collage of glass work

Pamela Johnson-Howe of Northwind Pottery

Pamela offers beautifully-crafted, unique, functional pieces of art pottery, made in her studio in Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin. "I begin most pieces on the potter’s wheel, but they become unique when I begin the carving process. Most designs are carved without any pre-planning, making it possible for the design to evolve from the form instead of being applied to the form. The carving process is time-consuming, but I find even my tessellation designs to be almost meditative and relaxing to create. Each piece is created to serve a purpose and provide tactile and visual pleasure both in use and on display. In my efforts to simplify my life, it has become essential that useful things be beautiful and beautiful things be useful. I can see no reason to drink from a nondescript cup or store sugar in a nondescript canister when you can use a piece that feeds the eye, feels wonderful to the touch, and functions well."

artist collage of pottery work

As you can see from the wide array of beautiful art above that the Northwoods of Wisconsin offers unique inspiration unlike any other place on Earth! As an artist, it's important to find ways to let loose, relax and cultivate your creative spirit. Birch Trail Resort offers periodical art workshops, offering guests an opportunity to learn a new craft while meeting new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Our resort is also ideally located among the many artists featured in the Northwoods Art Tour in July and October. Those wishing to book a cabin should do so as early as possible - spots fill up fast. Call 715-588-1962 today!


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