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Bringing Community and the Arts Back to Minocqua

These past two years have been challenging, to say the least. Separation between friends and family, socializing restrictions and the concern over everyone's health and safety have left us all a bit spent.

As we shift into a post-pandemic society, it's important we cultivate a sense of community once again. Coming together enriches our souls, inspires creativity and awakens a sense of gratitude for the connections we have with others.

woman scrapbooking around a table at Birch Trail Resort

At Birch Trail Resort, we understand the need to come together and believe that the creative arts is an excellent way to enjoy the company of your close friends and family around a shared interest. How fun would it be to arrange a scrapbooking weekend with the ladies or an instructor-led, quilting workshop with your favorite co-workers?

Let's bring community back with artistic retreats at Birch Trail Resort! Below are just a few of the many creative arts concepts you could enjoy with your group of gals! Bring your own supplies and instructor or have us make the arrangements for you! At Birch Trail, we're all about making sure you and your party have an amazing time, doing what you love, surrounded by the most breathtaking views of nature.

Fiber Art

Fiber art is a broad category that encompasses many different techniques and fiber media. From felt and hemp rope to yarn, silk and fabric, the possibilities of creative expression with fiber art are endless! Grab a group of 8 friends and head up north to try your hand at classic macrame knotting, fabric wall murals or get dirty with some tie dye!

macrame project at Birch Trail Resort Art Workshop

Writing Retreat

With our resort located on Amber Lake, surrounded by lush greenery, active wildlife and the most incredible sunsets and sunrises, there really is no better place to find writing inspiration. Many writers have found our peaceful cabins and spacious lodge the ideal setting for focused attention to their writing. Whether you're a solo writer looking for a quiet space to finish your novel, or a writing team looking to collaborate on your next print in a fun, workspace, we've got just the accommodations you need!

Quilt Making

An art that's lasted the test of time, quilt making is the epitome of community. With each member leaving their unique touch on individual pieces, and the personality of the group sprinkled throughout the piece, quilt making is truly a social butterfly of opportunities. If you've never tried quilt making before, and are interested in learning, simply give us a call to make arrangements. With a handful of friends and an instructor to walk you through the basics, you'll be quilting in no time.

women making a quilt at art workshop in Minocqua


Minocqua is home to a wonderful scrapbooking store called Stamped Paper Scissors. Book a scrapbooking retreat with others, stop by the local store for inspiration and supplies, and head back to the lodge to construct your next masterpiece. Our lodge features large, flat workspaces, tons of natural light and comfortable seating - perfect for hours of scrapbooking and chit chatting about all the things we've missed over the last two years.

Catch up with friends, create a masterpiece you'll cherish for years and make memories that last a lifetime at Birch Trail Resort. Gather 8-12 people, give us a call, and start planning your next workshop in Minocqua with us!


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