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3 Ways Taking a Vacation is Good For Your Overall Health

Right now in America, we are experiencing unprecedented times of fear, uncertainty and stress. Properly countering these problems is essential for our overall health and well-being. Luckily, we've discovered that a simple solution is just a car ride away, to the Northwoods of course!

Taking a vacation is more important now than ever before. Studies have shown that breaking away from the stressors of daily life can promote a sense of peace and unity, enhance professional development and help us cope with the recent challenges brought on by Covid19. These breaks from 'real life' can also improve our immune system and mental health, both essential for our long-term well-being.

When you are ready to experience the benefits of vacation life, call Birch Trail Resort to book a cabin that will support your need to recover from life itself!

Vacations Promote a Sense of Peace

hand touching lake water

Taking a vacation allows a person to regain the mental fortitude required to handle the daily pressures of a demanding life or job. In fact, a 2009 study of 887 lawyers revealed how "participating in active and social leisure activities or taking a vacation are important in reducing

lawyers’ depression..." (source)

When our minds have a moment to rest, taking in the sights and sounds of nature, we tend to find peace and joy in the little things. This improved attitude travels home with us creating a more peaceful environment even after the vacation has ended.

Vacations Connect Us To Each Other

man and two boys on boat

It's easy to get caught up in our own worlds, racing here and there, handling one urgency after another. Life seems to slip away quickly and after a while, we find find ourselves disconnected from friends and family. Vacations tend to release us from being wrapped up in our own thoughts, connecting us to those we love being around the most.

Researchers indicate that taking a trip with others creates a shared experience, promoting a sense of unity and oneness. As humans, when we feel united to one another, we naturally develop a feeling of strength and togetherness. This connection can improve our mental disposition and overall vigor for life. It also helps to strengthen the bonds we have with our family and friends.

Vacations Enhance our Professional Development

man looking out window

While Americans tend to place a priority on productivity, many health professionals agree that regular rest is even more important for enhancing creativity and output, in addition to reducing stress. Take Google for example. Google understands that some of the best ideas come while we are relaxed in a welcoming environment. This is why they have such a non-traditional work atmosphere - to encourage the free flowing of ideas.

The same is true for taking trips to new places. While there, having no reminders of "regular" life can allow our minds to create new connections, think abstractly through blockages and process information that can lead to enhanced professional development when the trip is over.

As you can see, taking a vacation isn't a selfish act, it's an opportunity to take care of yourself properly. Without regular breaks, a person can get lost in what is required of them. They can loose the spark for life we all need to get us through challenging times like the ones we are experiencing right now. Vacations aren't a luxury, they are a necessary addition to our overall health plan.

At Birch Trail, we take your health and safety seriously. We are taking every precaution to ensure that your vacation is as stress-free and careless as it should be. In addition to added sanitation practices, we also offer hand sanitizer in every cabin and in designated areas around the resort. If you have any questions, or are ready to book, please call 715-588-1962.

See you soon!



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