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New Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Fat Tire Bikes and Pontoons!

We've been busy making sure that your stay at Birch Trail Resort is even better than the last! With a wide selection of recreational tools like kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, canoes, fat tire bikes and pontoon boats, you now have many options for spicing up your trip to Minocqua, Wisconsin. Some equipment is complimentary and some can be rented for a nominal daily or weekly fee. View here to see current pricing and availability.

Kayaks *New*

kayaks on rack

Kayaking is a great way to see nature up close and personal. Typically a one person, low-to-the-water canoe-like boat that was originally designed by the Inuit people for hunting and fishing. Now Kayak's are widely used for adventure seeking enthusiasts, allowing you to get an in-your-face experience as you paddle your way through un-boatable terrain such as thick weeds and lily pads. Kayaks, being quiet and stealth, allow our guests to capture wildlife in a way that traditional boating can't because of the noise from the propeller. Using a double paddle, kayakers pull themselves forward in a side to side motion while gliding across the top of Squaw lake.

Fat Tire Bikes *New*

An immediate hit with traditional bikers has been the fat tire bike! Fat tire bikes, as the name suggests, have a much larger tire allowing for more maneuverability on previously un-bike-able terrain such as sand and mud. Birch Trail now offers fat tire bikes for anyone looking to explore the surrounding area on a unique, conversational, piece of equipment!

Paddle Boards *New*

paddle board rider on lake

Paddle boards give riders an experience of a lifetime. Riders propel themselves forward and sideways by either laying down pushing their hands through the water in a similar motion to swimming, kneeling using their hands or paddle, or by standing using a paddle. As you can imagine, balance is required to stay afloat while standing! Paddle boards also make for a great exercise for those seeking an early morning sweat before the world shakes from sleep.

Fishing Boats - Leisure Boats - Pontoon Boats *New*

Renting a boat from a boat rental facility can be a pain! You still have to drive the boat on a trailer to a boat launch, maneuver the boat into the water and have the know-how to get the boat back onto the trailer properly without water-logging your own vehicle! Save the time and headache and rent one of our boats for a comparable price and a lot less hassle.

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Call Birch Trail today to reserve your cabin and recreational equipment now! 715-588-1962


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