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Author-friendly Writing Retreat by The Lake

Nestled between the towering Northern Pines and misty Amber Lake lies Minocqua's best kept secret, Birch Trail Resort. A writer's paradise, this location lends itself to visits from your muse with its peaceful, natural surroundings and rich display of wildlife. Just one gaze into the star-filled night sky has the potential to inspire the next best-selling novel or influential research paper!

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With the number of authors and book writers in Wisconsin on the rise, gaining a competitive edge is necessary to landing the next big hit. Three modern studies actually prove that getting rest and taking part in rejuvenating activities can lead to higher levels of productivity and increased focus, necessary tools when writing.

First, a study done on walking outside in nature was shown to increase an individual's ability to creatively think both immediately after the walk and hours later. Napping for just 20 minutes has been shown to boost "your ability to concentrate by giving your brain a chance to restore depleted energy."(source)

Finally, a study on deep, restful sleep (like the kind you are likely to get while on vacation in Wisconsin...hint hint), allows our bodies to "devote themselves to storing energy, fixing or replacing damaged cells, and growing, while our brains clean out toxins, process the day’s experiences, and sometimes work on problems that have been occupying our waking minds."(source)

What better way to clear your thoughts, spark creativity and regain focus than to visit Birch Trail Resort offering trails to walk and cozy, plush beds to rest on. Even better, bring your entire writing group to share in the experience!

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Birch Trail Resort is ideally situated near one of Northern Wisconsin's favorite vacation destinations, Minocqua, Wisconsin, yet it is secluded enough to gain the peace of mind needed for writing. It offers wide work areas with seating for up to 15 people inside the large recreational lodge with expansive windows, excellent natural lighting, soft seating and impressive views of Amber Lake.

Writing groups can appreciate the lodge's convenient amenities such as the fireplace, microwave, refrigerator, large flat-screen television, WiFi and plenty of outdoor seating surrounded by 12 acres of nature.

Birch Trail also features 2 guest rooms in the main lodge as a part of the property's bed & breakfast with plush bedding and upscale finishes. For a rich community experience, authors can enjoy up to 4 all-season cabins, each providing occupancy for up to 5 people all having their own bed. With comforts this good, writers of all ages are sure to experience the joys of innovative thought flowing freely from their fingertips!

Currently, Birch Trail Resort is offering amazing rates for writing groups, ideally sized at 15. Rates start at just $50 per person per night. If you are interesting in bringing your writing group to the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin for a 4-day, 3 night complementary workshop, call 715-588-1962 to learn more today.


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