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The Magic of the Northwoods

There's something about sitting on a handcrafted wooden chair, with your feet propped up, gazing at the ripples on the surface of the lake that really sets the Northwoods apart from other vacation destinations. Or maybe its the feeling of freedom as you skip a rock across the smooth water kissed by the sun's rays of light, deeply breathing in the fresh outdoor air.

woman overlooking Squaw Lake in Minocqua WI

From building a bonfire to roasting marshmallows to curling up to an "up north" inspired cozy resort bed, visiting this area invokes a feeling of connecting with your roots and getting back in touch with nature. With more trees than houses and more deer than people, the Northwoods encourages a return to a time when talking with family fueled the soul and encouraged a deep generational connection.

The "Northwoods" cannot be defined by location alone. Some say "Up North" refers to Northern Wisconsin or Northern Minnesota, some even say it's Upper Michigan. One thing's for sure though, everyone agrees that it's much more than a geographical area, it is a feeling in your heart that reminds you of the essence of who you are.

trees in northwoods

Arguably unmatched in beauty by any other part of the world, it showcases ancient landscape with a vast span of wildlife. An area with seemingly unlimited nature and infinite outdoor potential. With glacial lands, a rich Native American history and untold folktales, the Northwoods offers more than a trip away from home, it offers you a step back into a world before industry.

Its historic buildings, classic red barns and antique-like fixtures spark the imagination of times gone by as you travel the distance to get there. In awe of the area's winding roads, clear blue skies and tall Northern Pines , you find yourself drifting away in thought as you glide across the highway headed north. Once you get here, you are immediately reminded of the reason why you return year after year... peace.

old red barn

The Northwoods of Wisconsin is a place where families, couples and individuals go to rejuvenate their spirits and break away from the demands of everyday life in a relaxed environment. Take Birch Trail Resort for instance, ideally situated on Amber Lake, surrounded by forest and fresh air. A brief drive from the action of downtown Minocqua, Birch Trail offers an opportunity to get a way from daily concerns. No bills, no emails and no pressing schedule to adhere to. Its comfortable accommodations beg you to sit back and relax, taking in the joy of life without a deadline.

inside cabin

While some have tried to define this feeling as the bliss of taking a vacation, those who visit annually know, that spending time in the Northwoods is nothing short of magic. When you're ready to book your trip, call 715-588-1962.

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