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The Joy of Scrapbooking in the Northwoods

To scrapbook is to capture the legacy of family in a visual keepsake that will become treasured by many generations to come. The elderly through the youngest child and everyone in between enjoy sitting back and glancing at a well-crafted book of family photos and personal memories. As much pleasure as this act of reminiscing brings to those who view the final product, the act of making the scrapbook can be even more rewarding. Having an amazing location to scrapbook is key and Birch Trail Resort is your answer!

scrapbooking club minocqua wi

A scrapbook is so much more than a simple photo book, it's a creative showcase of the photos your family has collected over the years, giving each one a proper place in time. A scrapbook is an opportunity to express yourself through art and photography, honoring the imagination is takes to see the project through. From design, to gathering supplies to assembly, this art form can provide hours of joy and reflection for anyone who decides to take up the hobby.

The design, attention to detail and creativity of the maker adds to the historical significance and uniqueness of every single book. Being able to take part in such a satisfying hobby, while also relaxing in a comfortable, Northwoods atmosphere truly tops the charts. Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast has everything your scrapbooking club needs to enjoy a group vacation that allows time to focus on what really counts: creating memories to last a lifetime.

Imagine being at a long table with friends who share a similar passion, surrounded by piles of photos, stickers, colored pens, stamps, paper fragments and all the necessary tools you need to make a masterpiece. Now imagine this table is located in a huge wooden lodge with excellent lighting, soft seating, a fireplace, large flat-screen TV, lounge chairs, wifi, refreshments, and 360 degree views of nature.

designing scrapbook page in wisconsin

You've just imagined your trip to Birch Trail Resort. Featuring amazing accommodations, Birch Trail offers 2 guest rooms in the main lodge as a part of the bed and breakfast plus, 4 all-season cabins, each providing occupancy for up to 5 people having their own bed. All cabins are equipped with coffee makers, fresh bed linens, all kitchen utensils, pots, pans, glassware, ice cube trays, plates and silverware for your convenience.

While staying at Birch Trail Resort, guests can enjoy the classic Northwoods charm of a cabin found in Minocqua, Wisconsin combined with the modern amenities you'd expect staying at an upscale hotel. What a memorable experience for each member of your scrapbooking group! Who knows, one of you may just have to make a book about your trip up north!

Currently, Birch Trail Resort is offering amazing rates for scrapbooking groups, ideally sized at 15. Rates start at just $50 per person per night.

If you are interested in bringing your scrapbooking group to the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin for a 4-day, 3 night workshop, call 715-588-1962 to learn more today.


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