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Keeping the Spirit of Quilt Making Alive at Birch Trail Resort

Quilt-making requires patience, creativity, and a love for tradition. It's an art form that provides hours of socializing with friends and family. To make a quilt is to value generational knowledge. The connection that fellow quilters share aid in the creation of masterpieces to be treasured for years to come. Quilting groups are an amazing way to pass on the knowledge of quilting to younger women who will be the future teachers of the craft.

ladies quilting

Historically, quilting came out of a need for warmth and comfort for every member in the family. Women came together under a single purpose, to make a quilt for "so & so". This masterpiece might have been intended for one of the women, one of their children, an expecting daughter, or the elderly couple down the street who may be experiencing unfortunate circumstances.

Every person in the group performed at their absolute best with the understanding that everyone else did as well. The spirit of quilt-making was to work selflessly for the greater good and trust that in due time, the blessings you gave to others would be bestowed onto you.

woman quilting

Quilt-making has seen a decline in recent years due to the invent of quilting machines and cheap, factory-made blankets readily available at stores. Many young women do not know the art of quilting and sadly, many do not have anyone to teach them. This is why the many quilting groups around the nation are so essential. These women and men have committed themselves to keeping the spirit of quilt-making alive and in doing so, are garnering attention from younger generations.

quilting in cabins in the northwoods minocqua

Relaxing and entertaining, quilting retreats are a great way to bridge this gap. Birch Trail Resort and Bed & Breakfast is the ideal place to host a quilting retreat. Nestled in the iconic Northwoods of Wisconsin, this resort is far enough away to enjoy vacation seclusion yet close enough to arrive within a few hours drive. Birch Trail boasts a large recreational lodge with 8 foot work tables, excellent lighting, and soft seating. Guests also enjoy the fireplace, microwave, refrigerator, large flat-screen television, wifi and 360 degree views of breathtaking forest.

Release tension from the day-to-day madness while engaging in great conversation with loved ones and friends.

cabins to quilt at northern wisconsin

This resort also features 2 guest rooms in the main lodge as a part of the property's bed & breakfast with plush bedding and upscale finishes. With 4 all-season cabins, each providing occupancy for up to 5 people all having their own bed, this resort is ideal for the large quilting group or small.

Currently, Birch Trail Resort is offering amazing rates for quilting groups, ideally sized at 15. Rates start at just $50 per person per night.

If you are interesting in bringing your quilting group to the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin for a 4-day, 3 night workshop, call 715-588-1962 to learn more today.


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