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Building a Family Holiday Tradition in the Northwoods

When family comes together, magic happens. The spirit of belonging, the sense of community, the essence of continuity all flourish in the space of tradition. As one generation passes, the next is encouraged to carry on the customs and recipes of the dearly departed. This is how we keep our family ties strong and healthy.

cranberries at Wisconsin cabin for Christmas

But what happens when the location of the family tradition is no longer available? When the one person who brought the family together is no longer able to? Well, you find the perfect spot to start building elsewhere. Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast is truly the ideal place to begin creating a new family tradition. It couldn't be easier or more fun to cook up a new holiday custom at our resort.

The perfect recipe for a new tradition includes the following ingredients: family, great food and plenty of things to do. Our resort has it all!


grandma and child at holiday resort for families

Having enough space to fit all of your family can be a challenge for just one home, not to mention the host. One must clean, cook, wash linens and have enough toiletry items to ensure the comfort of all guests. And while it's most fun to have everyone under one roof, asking guests to sleep on air mattresses or the couch can feel a bit unaccommodating.

With many cabins to choose from, our resort can house a large family in multiple cabins or a small family in just one cabin. Reserving more than one cabin allows family the freedom to celebrate together during the day and yet safely walk home to sleep on a comfortable bed all to themselves at night.

Just a quick walk away from each other creates a sense of togetherness while still providing the privacy and respite we all need from time to time.

Great food.

turkey dinner at birch trail resort minocqua

From utensils to baking-ware, our cabins are equipped with everything you need to make a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast! The kitchens are spacious enough to bring many hands into the mix, relieving the host from the stress of making everything by herself/himself. Great food starts and ends with love and our resort is the perfect atmosphere for tons of it!

For the family that prefers someone else handles the cooking, Birch Trail Resort is in a prime location with access to many fine dining restaurants and American cuisine diners. From breakfast to mid-day bites to full-on, 4-course supper clubs, there is a spot for every guests' taste buds.

Plenty of things to do.

boy ice fishing at minocqua wi resort

Located directly on Squaw Lake, in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods, means that guests of the resort always have something fun to do. While one group is preparing the meal, the other group can be outside sharing stories of old times over a freshly carved ice fishing hole or enjoying a snowy adventure on the snowmobile trails.

Close to wonderful clothing boutiques and festive gift shops, there is always an opportunity to pick up last minute gifts for the family or browse leisurely during an afternoon with the ladies.

And when that sweet tooth starts calling, the area has you covered! Fudge shops, ice cream parlors, fresh baked pies; you name it, we've got it!

chocolate candy at birch trail resort

With all the comforts of home but none of the hassle, Birch Trail Resort Bed & Breakfast has everything you need to accommodate your growing family tradition. Large enough to fit a big family, cozy enough to keep the celebrations intimate.

Ready to start building your next family holiday tradition? Call Birch Trail today! 715-588-1962

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