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The Best Snowmobile Trails Are in Northern Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin's commitment to hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobiling trails is clear. Organizations and businesses have joined forces to ensure that guests who make the trek up north get the finest experience while exploring the woods by sled. Such an effort benefits entire local economies that are built in support of the sport for roughly a quarter of the year. Birch Trail Resort, located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, provides direct access to trails along with the comforts of home after a day in the snow. Join us as we delve into the world of snowmobiling.

snowmobiling in the Northwoods

The Northwoods is truly the perfect place to take a snowmobiling vacation. With over 1600 miles of impeccably-maintained trails spanning over glacial lakes and forest floors, it's no wonder people come from all over the world to visit. While the location is ideal, the snowfall is the icing on the cake. Minocqua receives over 65" of snow during the winter season, packing the trails with glistening white snow, drawing competitive, as well as novice sledders.

Snowmobiling is so popular in Minocqua that many villages devote their attention and resources to creating a top-notch sledding experience. Some restaurants lay specially-designed mats outside and inside allowing snowmobilers to stop in without having to remove all their gear. Some open "side windows" to serve "fast foods" to the folks who wish to fly on by, not missing a minute of sledding fun.

Many convert the offerings in their storefronts to the needs and desires of the traveling snowmobiler. Even local families pitch in by installing bright orange snow-fences to help guide snowmobilers journey past their yard and onward towards the trail.

snowmobiling trail at resort in Wisconsin

The towns and local organizations do their part in preparing the area for the needs of snowmobilers as well. Volunteers from the Cross Country Cruisers and the Minocqua Forest Riders clubs assist in maintaining an almost untouched look coupled with safe, easy-to-navigate trails. They construct signs and create pathways to make riding through the woods by sled effortless, even for the first-timer.

Members of these organizations produce periodical snowmobiling conditions reports and offer access to resources such as safety certification. They even assist in determining when the trails are ready to open and when they need to be shut down for the season. Needless to say, the work these volunteers do and the time they devote to the trails creates a sensational atmosphere for sledding.

The most amazing thing about snowmobiling in the Northwoods though, is the adventure. Imagine waking up to a fresh 6" of snow, popping on all your warm gear and heading out early with your sweetheart. You're the first to run the trail, seeing all of nature's glory, before the wind can even blow the snow from the branches. The shimmering white is almost blinding as you come to an opening in the forest, which may be Squaw lake, from your guest-imation. You push the sled full-throttle and feel the cool air on your face as you glide from one end to the other.

happy couple snowmobiling in Minocqua

Close your eyes. Can you picture it? It may be time to book your snowmobiling trip! Secure a spot at our beautiful, 4-seasons, bed & breakfast lodge and have gourmet-inspired breakfast served up hot every morning, just for you! Call 715-588-1962 Now!


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