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Fat Tire Biking in Minocqua, WI

Outdoor adventurists are going wild for fat tire biking, also known as "fat biking", the newest trend in off-road riding. Offering the freedom to roam over previously un-bike-able terrain during the winter season and mud season, fat tire bikes are expanding the possibilities of fun winter vacations in Minocqua.

fat tire biking in minocqua wi

The Northwoods of Wisconsin has always been a favorite winter vacation spot due to its huge list of things to do when the snow falls. In fact, there are over 1000 miles of neatly groomed snowmobiling trails and over 1100 lakes to ice fish on in Oneida county alone. Making it's way onto the list though is the fat tire bike.

What Are Fat Tire Bikes?

As the name suggests, fat tire bikes or "fat bikes", have wheels that are much larger than your standard bike. Where a street bike or standard mountain bike would sink into the snow, fat tire bikes keep the biker "afloat" on top of the snow and allow for better maneuvering. This is due to its roughly 4" x 26" large tires that give riders the advantage of traveling over "soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud." (source)

fat tire biking northwoods wisconsin

Rooted in the mountain bike design and inspired by men in Alaska who sought a better bike for snowy conditions, the fat bike was born around the 1980's.

Why Are Fat Tires So Popular?

These wide-rimmed bikes allow a person to be outside in the winter, even when there isn't a ton of snow on the ground. On the contrary, some winter recreation sports like skiing and snowmobiling require tons of snow for an ideal experience. Fat bikes are optimal for the in-between seasons when it's too snowy to go jogging but not snowy enough to hop on the sled.

For those who get cabin fever quick, the fat tire bike is the perfect solution to maintain activity outdoors year-round. And don't think fat bikes are limited to the winter. These bikes can travel across sandy beaches in the summer and wet rocky trails in the spring.

wisconsin hiking trail

It's Time To Visit Minocqua This Winter

Imagine this...

Peddling down the trail, feeling the crisp, cool air hitting your face. You're breaking a light sweat while experiencing breathtaking views of the snow-glistening trees while riding your fat tire bike. Connected to the sights and sounds of nature, you ride for hours down winding trails, unaware of the time passing you by. Eventually, you make it home to your cozy cabin, turn the fireplace on, and hop into a hot shower. Dried and refreshed, you grab a drink, crawl onto the couch and relax. Not a worry in the world; not a call to have to answer. Aaahh....

If this sounds like a good time to you, then call today to reserve your cabin. Birch Trail Resort and Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to experience a Wisconsin winter adventure.

And if your planning a fat tire biking trip in Minocqua but don't have one of your own, rent one! Chequamegon Adventure Company, in Minocqua offers fat tire bike rentals throughout the year for roughly $59/day.

Book your cabin, then reserve your bike and have a blast this winter in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Call 715-588-1962 now!

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